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Designing An Artist Website

Art is a medium that is open to interpretation. There are many factors that can land an artist on conveying ideas through their work. The creative process an artist goes through to channel an idea or message through their piece can elicit emotions and spark inspiration from unexpected places. 

Once complete, an artist’s work leaves a lasting impression on the world. This is a result of countless hours and an attention to detail.  Today’s fast paced world is dominated by technology and instant gratification while searching for information.

NB Media Solutions has the tools, experience and expertise to put your work on the map.  We ensure your website is seen through innovative design concepts that factor in your individuality as an artist.  We work with great artists to ensure that every detail fits not only your brand, but your perspective as an artist. 

"Got to thank Nicholas and the team for making me look good.  If you need a sharp professional website get a hold of NB Media Solutions.  Their team has been great to work with."

Jason Quigno, Asinaabe Studios

A blank web page is our canvas.  Our clients' artwork can be splashed, sculpted, carved or written to create a space to call home on the digital frontier.


We use to develop our clients websites.  Wix offers cutting-edge software to ensure you have access to the latest visual artist web design templates, effects and tools.  This helps artists' work stand out in the sea of competition. 


Search engine optimization and user experience are at the center of our focuses.  NB Media’s website builders use meticulous data collection to affix artist web page designs in search engine results.  We use extensive keyword research and our own secret sauce to safeguard your place at the top. 

Our dedicated design team and proven marketing techniques are a win-win for us and our clients.  When in our hands, your artist web page will be user friendly, protected and visible online. 


No stranger to artistic tendencies, allow our team to go to work for you. We offer a myriad of options to help relay your work to the world with our artist website design templates. Through collaboration, we can create a digital space that captures your unique perspective and individuality as an artist. The internet is an ever-changing landscape. NB Media is ready to develop an online presence that will stand out just like the artist’s work! 


We have been honored to work with some great artists.

WEB Design Artist Portfolios

Website Design for Nonprofit Organization


We’ve mentioned that your nonprofit website needs to be accessible and educational.


You’re probably asking yourself, “Exactly what should a nonprofit website include?” 


Wix has a 100's of state of the art designer made artist website templates available for use.  These free HTML5 web design templates will ensure an artist’s online presence is sufficiently structured, navigable, and educational. 

Selecting the right artist website template entices others to engage with your art! is the best web host for photographers.

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Nonprofit Website Development

Website Design for Nonprofit Organization

NB Media Solutions understands how to create an effective nonprofit website design. We are builders for nonprofits.  Our website design focuses on increasing your nonprofit’s exposure, leads, and users to the site. We use as our go to nonprofit website builder software. 


Many non-profits keep an eye on the dollars they spend.  You can build a free website for nonprofit at  Wix offers non-profit website hosting solutions and all the tools you need to get up and running in no time.  


Starting a nonprofit website can be difficult. Trust an agency like NB Media to create the best nonprofit website design for your organization.  You’ll thank us for the exposure and contributions that your organization will ultimately reap.


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