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Designing A Non-Profit Website

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Motivating website visitors to extend a helping hand to those in need is the ultimate goal of a nonprofit website.
NB Media Solutions is an expert non profit organization website builder. We enjoy being part of the fight for each one of our clients!   Battling world-hunger, housing the homeless, protecting the environment, and preaching animal rights to name a few.
Designing a non-profit website that is user friendly and expresses your passion for helping others will encourage engagement.  Your website is a fundraising platform and the #1 outlet to share your beliefs with the world.
Trust a compassionate agency like NB Media Solutions to create your nonprofit website design.  Our Wix non-profit website designs encourage visitors to be as proactive as you are in lending a helping hand.
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"The Board of Directors would like to thank you for all of the work you have done for us in improving the SEO on our website, all of the editing and fine-tuning, and the most recent search filtering project you just completed.


We appreciate you and your team of people that have contributed to making WALA a more visible organization to the world. You have been patient, kind, and responsive to those in direct contact with you, and we appreciate your professionalism."

Kristi Coopshaw, President
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Memberships, charities and nonprofit websites share many similarities, although designing a nonprofit fundraising website requires a unique strategy.


Nonprofit website designs should highlight your work, articulate your desire for helping others, and ultimately, attract people to your cause.


Having a strong not for profit website will help raise awareness to the organization’s cause and activities.  A friendly user experience with a call to action to a donation page will encourage users to contribute.


The experts at NB Media Solutions understand how to build a nonprofit website that is successful and recruits new volunteers. Making a lasting impression and taking charge of your cause influences others to make a positive change.


Designing a nonprofit website that includes all the necessary features, is easily navigable, and looks professional takes experience and time.


At NB Media Solutions, we have what it takes to make your nonprofit website design portray your organization’s efforts.  A call to action philosophy is put into action through informative links, positive images, easy navigation and so much more. Trust an agency like NB Media to create the best nonprofit website design for your organization.  You’ll thank us for the exposure and contributions that your organization will ultimately reap.

NON-PROFIT WEBSITE Ideas & Inspiration

Website Design for Nonprofit Organization


We’ve mentioned that your nonprofit website needs to be accessible and educational.


You’re probably asking yourself, “Exactly what should a nonprofit website include?” 

Congo Tusaidiyane

nonprofit website design best practices.


Be Informative


Concise and elaborate information is paramount when designing a nonprofit website. Researching each project contributes to the information displayed.  We recommend compiling copy, images, videos, charts, and any other relevant content before thinking about the layout of your site. 


Being informative will help others understand and identify with your cause to ultimately, mobilize people for action. People are less likely to donate their time and resources if there is a lack of information on your nonprofit website.  So don’t hold back the information.


General Design Guidelines


When it comes to the not for profit website design, stray away from using any grey, gloomy colors. Most nonprofit organizations are dealing with complex subjects.  Your nonprofit website design should give users hope for a positive change and better world. Not for profit website design should make people feel like their time and contribution are making a positive difference.


Compelling Homepage


Your nonprofit website’s homepage is the first thing that people see when they search for your site.  Therefore, this may be the most important of the nonprofit website best practices. The landing page should be motivating, positive and appealing like our client Dance for All Bodies


An effective homepage should include:

  • Images portraying the positive work you do

  • The mission and goals

  • Present an explanation on how others can take part in contributing to your mission

  • Express a strong inspirational quote that explains the significance of the work. 


Combining the above aspects into your homepage will make a persuasive and informative visual. 

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Paint A Picture With A Story


Dedicate a page of your nonprofit website to a story.  Stories of volunteers or community/individuals who have helped the Non-Profit’s work. A personal story makes it easier for people to connect and identify with your Non-Profit.  The story on your nonprofit website will personalize your cause and display what your organization truly stands for.


News & Updates


Updating your nonprofit website with news and reports will show users that your organization is constantly taking action.  A “news” or “blog” tab is a great way to display recent updates, activities, upcoming events, and media about your cause. This also helps reach and build a community that you support and gives you the potential to recruit like-minded volunteers.


How Can People Help?


Clearly explain what your website’s visitors can do to help towards your cause.  This could be through donations, volunteering, petitions, demonstrations, etc. You should also include ideas on how people can make changes to include the cause in their daily lives. 


Always provide additional options to help on top of monetary donations.  Making sure there are other options available for users to contribute and make a difference is key. Actions user can take instead of donating could include:


  • Utilizing energy saving light bulbs

  • Switching to reusable/recyclable bags, or 

  • Omitting the use of plastic overall

Stay Connected


Users may want to get in touch with someone connected to your organization in order to gather more first-hand information. Displaying an email address, postal address, phone number, and social media links will make it easy for users to contact you.

Socialize Your Site


Link your nonprofit website to other social media sites by adding social sharing tools like “Like”, “Tweet”, “<3” buttons. When a user clicks on these buttons, they will share the organization’s work to family and friends.  This is free advertising and could motivate others to support the cause too.


Wix has a 100's of state-of-the-art designer made nonprofit website templates available for use.  These free HTML5 web design templates will ensure a non-profit organization's online presence is sufficiently structured, navigable, and educational. 


Selecting the right non profit organization website template entices others to fight for your cause with passion.


Wix is the right host for nonprofits.

Wix Non-Profit FREE Templates
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Nonprofit Website Development

Website Design for Nonprofit Organization

Thanks for submitting!

We will get back to you surprisingly fast!

NB Media Solutions understands how to create an effective nonprofit website design. We are builders for nonprofits.  Our website design focuses on increasing your nonprofit’s exposure, leads, and users to the site. We use as our go to nonprofit website builder software. 


Many non-profits keep an eye on the dollars they spend.  You can build a free website for nonprofit at  Wix offers non-profit website hosting solutions and all the tools you need to get up and running in no time.  


Starting a nonprofit website can be difficult. Trust an agency like NB Media to create the best nonprofit website design for your organization.  You’ll thank us for the exposure and contributions that your organization will ultimately reap.

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