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Website Design Grand Rapids

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First of all we know our craft inside and out and for us that’s building websites on the leading cloud based development platform - We service clients from all over the world, each one unique in their needs and in their business. With every single one of those customers we go into the greatest depth and detail to make sure we create a website using all the latest design skills from our office based in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Being specialists means we know our product inside and out. We have been working with exclusively for over a decade and there is not much you can throw at us that we haven't seen before!  We know what we can achieve and how we can achieve it for you. We know how to help you reach your website goals and we can get to work quickly to make that happen.


We chose Wix because it’s a versatile and reliable platform. is a leading web hosting platform servicing millions of users worldwide.  It allows for individual creativity and beautiful design while also being stable and dependable. 


Most of all, we love that the Wix editor is constantly evolving and new features are being released all the time which we in turn pass on to our clients!

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"Great communication on planning and designing from the whole team. They were super patient with our timelines and were able to provide quick turn-around when needed. Out performed many other agencies that we have worked with in the past. We asked, they delivered. Truly grateful!"

Leib Bolel, President


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While it is perfectly possible to drag and drop and build your own Wix site using the great templates available, if you want a website that really stands out and is custom made to your exact specifications then you need a professional touch. NB Media Web designers know how to code the parts of your site that make it individually yours. This includes contact forms, mobile devices and a desktop website that is healthy in terms of technical errors, warnings and issues that arise.


You also want to know that once the hard work has been done by us, you can put your website to work with our full support. 

Need help maximizing your SEO rankings? We can help with that. 


Want some routine website maintenance done and advice on any plug-ins or upgrades? We can help with that too. 


In short we are the one stop shop who specializes in creating beautifully designed websites for your business, on Wix.


We've developed custom web designs for businesses in nearly every industry including:



Religious Organizations



Online stores and E-commerce




Food and beverage


Banking & Financial

Consumer Products



Small Business



Service Industry




You only have to take a look at our website to see just how many brands and companies we’ve worked with


Despite being a small team, we’re not afraid to take on anything and when we commit ourselves to your business you get us at 100%. 

Congo Tusaidiyane

website design EXPERTS

For us, it’s personal. Our name, our reputation goes into every site and if there are two things we care about it’s our name and our reputation, the third being you, the customer. All these go hand-in-hand of course and we wouldn’t have the stellar reputation we have if it wasn’t for our customers who appreciate our efforts.


If you want to know what people are saying about us take a look at the Client Review section on our site and you’ll see why making it personal works for us and you, no matter where you are in the world and what you need.


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When you’re busy running your business, having to keep up with the day to day of making sure your website is running correctly, attracting the right hits through SEO and producing content to keep search engines happy. It all takes time and that might not be time that you have in buckets. You might also not have the required skills to know how to get the best from your website and spend long, frustrating hours trying to figure out how to get better seen on Google.


That’s where we come in. Quite simply we could write you the book on how to make SEO work better for you but you don’t have time and neither do we. So let us do what we do best while you do the same. 


Our behind-the-scenes attention to detail will help boost traffic to your site, get you noticed by your customers and, if you’re a commercial enterprise, turn that traffic into sales. Even if you don’t have a cash register attached to your site, we’re here to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


Ecommerce Website Design Grand Rapids


When you choose NB Media Solutions, LLC you’re choosing a company who takes the time to get to know you and understand your business. No two businesses, charities or people are the same and it’s understanding those small, as well as large, differences that’s the key to creating a Wix professional website that works for you.


Small Firm Focused on Customer Service

Yes, we could have taken our web design skills to the bigger stage but we prefer to keep things deliberately small. You don’t want to be passed around from designer to designer and with us, you won’t. Instead you’ll know us all by name and have a relationship that’s built on trust and the confidence that comes from knowing you have a team on hand to talk through your needs and address your problems whenever you need us.


We’re not saying big isn’t beautiful but we just prefer to offer a personal as well as professional touch.

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100's of state-of-the-art Wix Website Designer made website templates are available for use.  These free HTML5 web design templates will ensure a any business' online presence is sufficiently structured, navigable, and educational. 


Selecting the right Wix website template entices others to fight for your cause with passion.


Wix is the right web host for your business.

Wix Non-Profit FREE Templates
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wix Website Design

Website Design for Small Business

Thanks for submitting!

We will get back to you surprisingly fast!

From Wix web page design to content generation that hits the mark again and again you can trust us to deliver a website that looks perfect and functions exactly as it should. We focus on the user experience by creating sitemaps that drive traffic to the most important links and content on your wix page design. 


You don’t even have to take or word for it, do give our Client Review page a look over and you’ll see how many customers we’ve made happy. We’d love to add your name to that list. 


When you need a wix custom website design to work at the heart of your business but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch. Let’s sit down together and develop a small business website that’s going to turn heads, all with the full support of a website design team who is always on your side.

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