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Looking for Wix Customer Service? Call Us, (616) 724-7175!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Wix Customer Service Phone Number | Help with Wix is a leading web development platform with millions of users worldwide and the possibilities it provides are endless, so we’re not shocked that it can be difficult to make sense of and navigate at times.

At NB Media Solutions, we understand that you have bigger things to worry about…like running your business. Let us do what we do best and help you take care of the creative details to design and promote your business to potential customers.

Pick up your phone and make the Wix phone call Today. We can help with your Wix account’s Business VIP premium plan.

Do you have questions about your online store? The app market? Maybe you want to advertise on social media and upgrade from your free plan? We help small businesses everyday and have all the answers to your questions.

USA Based Wix Customer Service

NB Media Solutions is based in the United States and is a full-service internet marketing agency. We specialize in Wix website builder services and this makes it possible for us to work with clients all over the world, offering premier marketing services such as website design, logo design, search engine optimization, and website maintenance.

Our Wix pros have the creativity and attention to detail and design that will help boost your business’ web traffic, therefore get you more exposure to your clientele, and ultimately turn that traffic into sales.

Our Wix experts and marketing wizards can assist with anything related to your Wix site! Make the Wix help call Today and let's create a beautiful web presence for you..


If you’re having difficulties navigating Wix, call our Wix customer service number at (616) 724-7175.

Don’t get frustrated with perfecting your business’ webpage because you simply can’t or don’t have time to figure it out yourself, look no further!

NB Media Solutions is the marketing agency to call for wix com customer service.

Wix offers their own Help Center through their website to assist you with any questions you may have, all you have to do is just browse through the multiple informative articles they provide to find your answers.

You can also visit the helpful wix support contact page. If the chat bot cannot find a solution for you an option will appear to submit a ticket or receive a wix support callback. Make the Wix phone call request and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

You cannot call Wix directly...BUT if you are logged in on your computer and click below you can submit a ticket or request a callback.

Wix Customer Service | wix tech support | wix support | wix email support

If you’d much rather have a Wix pro answer your wix website help inquiries for an hourly fee, contact our Wix customer service tech support number at:

(616) 724-7175 CALL WIX FOR HELP!

Wix Support Call Center is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST

If you prefer email - contact us at for quick wix email support.

Our Wix knowledge is vast and we can assure you that you and your business will benefit from our unmatched, efficient Wix tech support!

USA Based Wix Tech Support - Servicing Clients Worldwide

At NB Media Solutions, we’re experienced enough in marketing to know that as your business grows, the need for a professionally designed online presence does too.

Learning and understanding Wix from the inside out would take you just as long as it would for you to read through every article that the Wix Help Center provides for users online – years.

Let NB Media Solutions manage and grow your business online with the help of our USA-based Wix tech support experts, and call wix customer support at (616) 724-7175.

You can discover all the features to create and manage your business’ website online with the Wix editor on your own, or you can call wix helpline at (616) 724-7175. We assure you that you and your business will thank us for our Wix tech support and knowledge in the future!

Call Wix Phone Number - (616) 724-7175


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