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Architect Website Design

Architecture Website Design

NB Media Solutions has built several architecture websites over the years.  One of our favorites was Dwight Patterson Architects out of Houston, Texas.  Similar to our web design agency, the DP architectural firm values relationships where design comes first.


NB Media Solutions creative websites are designed and developed exclusively on  We have been a Wix Partnered Agency since 2009 and specialize in Website Design accompanied by ongoing SEO maintenance services.

Architect Web Design Services

Our owner actually has an Associate's Degree in Architecture and he is a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Our web design agencies office in Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan features many of the late architect's designs in furniture, artwork and decor.


The font in our NB Media Logo Design was designed by Wright in 1931.  The Exhibition lettering was originally intended to accompany Frank Lloyd Wright's exhibition drawings and models.  We liked the Architect's intent and now let the lettering accompany all of our work as well!  Needless to say this...but we really enjoy designing websites for Architects!

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Dwight Patterson Architects believe that every successful project begins with the right questions and a conversation. We believe in the same thing here at NB Media Solutions!  Our work on this architecture website was related to improving SEO settings. Being found online is vitally important and we know how to achieve growth in rankings and website traffic.

Our team does the research needed to cater to our clients needs.  We listen to our clients and their desires in terms of what they would like to be found for online.  On top of that we provide a full analysis of what keywords we recommend to target based on real volume statistics.  For example:

Architecture Website Design
210 Searches Per Month
Architect Web Design
40 Searches Per Month
Best Architecture Website Design
50 Searches Per Month
Web Design for Architecture Firms
0 Searches Per Month

One of our most popular services is a 10 Step Wix Website SEO process.  This service includes a full review of all the basic Wix SEO settings on your website.  Our team of Search Engine Optimization experts and content writers then begin to rework the writing to target desired keywords and make sure everything is implemented properly on the site file.  Thus creating a healthy and solid foundation for our clients to move forward from. Most clients see an increase in both keywords indexed and a nice bump in traffic after going through our program.  We have had much success with the building industry including architecture websites! Contact us Today for a free analysis.

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