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Branded Apps by Wix Review

Create A Custom Mobile App With Wix
Create A Custom Branded App With Wix

Social media has continually gained popularity and digital tech gradually shifted its efforts towards mobile communication, the concept of the website has endured its own evolution.

Websites are not only focusing on mobile friendly designs, but they’re also being complemented by mobile apps. A fully branded application makes your brand available to customers' fingertips anywhere, anytime.

A major website builder recently introduced a mobile app developing service, allowing users to create fully custom applications for their businesses through Branded Apps by Wix.

What makes this development different from other native mobile app builders?

Not only does the Wix app builder innovation promote your brand, but it also integrates your business’s website as seamlessly as possible.

Wix Branded App Review

Branded Apps by Wix allow businesses to convert their website to a mobile app as seamlessly as possible through these key features:

Solutions by Industry

  • Any type of business can build an app custom to their brand through built-in wix app premium features like stores, bookings and forums.

  • Businesses can also design their wix branded app builder application icon, customize the layout, look and feel of the app to create a fully branded experience for their consumers.

Exclusive Technologies

  • Wix app maker is designed to perform like an intuitive app builder where code isn’t necessary for native iOS and Android apps.

  • Seamless app and site integration offer businesses the luxury of accessing their Wix site, dashboard and app activity in real-time.

  • Wix app development is constantly updated and compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android.

Enhanced Mobile User Experience

  • Wix Branded Apps makes it easy for clients to shop on-the-go and contribute to your brand. Whether it is booking a class or purchasing a product.

  • Notifications and updates allow your users to stay informed about your brand.

  • Users can easily participate in conversations, groups and forums.

  • Your consumers can engage with others, read the latest news and comment on blogs.

  • Chat allows your customers to directly communicate with your brand.

Branded App By Wix. No Code Needed.

Interactive Features

  • Branded Apps by Wix offers businesses various features to keep their consumers as engaged as possible: on-demand/preloaded videos, bookings, video access, memberships, storefronts, groups, blogs and more.

  • Wix Branded Apps also saves everything that your consumers previously booked, purchased, or subscribed to, making it easier to keep track of their activity.

  • Users stay logged in the app, even when exiting out of it, making it more convenient and likely for them to interact with your brand again.

  • Features like groups and forums help members feel like they’re a part of your brand, strengthening your brand loyalty.

Effective SEO Strategy

  • Adding a mobile app to your business increases your SEO efforts because specific apps are recognized better by app stores than keywords are by Google.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Branded Apps by Wix allows consumers to have the total brand experience without physically requiring the business owner to be present.

  • Businesses can easily communicate with their clients and vice versa through the wix branded app.

Wix Branded App Examples

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

If we haven’t convinced you yet, here’s why every website owner should build their complementary mobile app with Wix:

Improved Communication

Whether you’re selling parkas in Alaska or spa services in Bora Bora, your consumers need a way to reach you.

Customers can directly communicate with your brand through Wix Branded Apps’ ‘Chat’ feature. Push notifications are legit and will assist when learning how to use wix app.

If a customer has a question or problem, they can easily contact you to handle the situation before it gets worse, even if they're halfway across the world.

More Engagement

Allow your users to engage with your brand more frequently through Wix Branded Apps features like groups, forums, videos, news feeds and more!

Higher Accessibility

Wix Branded Apps syncs your website to your app, without dulling the performance of your website.

In general, mobile apps are preferred by internet users because of the convenience aspect.

Internet connection isn’t required to open a mobile app, giving users more flexibility and mobility to access your products and services.

Increased Value & Brand Recognition

Wix Branded Apps allows businesses to offer their clients memberships and such, which work much better than that old, torn up gym card stuck to your keys.

Also – having an app inclines users to get involved with your brand more often. The more a user interacts with your brand, the more likely they are to purchase something from you.

Build Your Branded App Today

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Consumers are badgered with so much noise nowadays that getting through to them effectively is a challenge.

Banners, billboards, signs, newspaper ads, flyers, websites, coupons, email marketing ads, social media ads and the likes, flood consumers around 5,000 times per day.

Brands lose their impact because of the noise around them, but an app builds loyalty ensuring your customers that you’re just a “tap” away.

Higher Conversion Rates

About 73% of mobile users intend to purchase something when they’re browsing the internet.

With so many websites to choose from, consumers are often challenged which brand to pick.

Wix Branded Apps gives your brand an immediate advantage because of convenience.

Simplifying the purchasing process for users drives them to purchase more and to purchase frequently.

Direct Marketing Channel

Branded Apps by Wix provides users with information like pricing, booking forms, user accounts, news feeds, and more.

One of the greatest features of Branded Apps by Wix is that you can place any piece of information – including sales, promos and so on – at the tip of your users’ fingers.

Notifications get you even closer to a direct interaction, allowing you to remind your customers about products, services, events and anything else brand-related, whenever it makes sense.

Wix Branded App Pricing

Using the wix app builder is free. Publishing the wix app for Android and IOS stores is made easy with the wix app creator.

From now until the end of 2021 you can save 50% for life on the wix branded app cost. Normally $200 per month, the wix app cost has been discounted to $100 monthly for a promotional period celebrating the launch of the service.

Features will be unlocked for premium paid plans including your app being constantly updated to work with the latest versions of iOS and Android.

Paid plans do not include registration fee for Apple’s App Store (from $99 a year) and Google Play ($25 one time fee), or any additional fee that Google or Apple may charge. These fees are subject to change.

Branded App By Wix Apple Store - Google Play

Easiest Mobile App Builder

Branded Apps by Wix offers businesses the benefits that a website does, plus so much more.

Using an app builder like wix improves and strengthens your brand by building loyalty, convenience, value, and accessibility among your users.

Contact us and lets develop the app your brand and customers deserve with Branded Apps by Wix.


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