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Our Top Picks: 10 Social Media Scheduling Tools for 2021

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Having an active social media presence on the web is vital to your business’ success.

2021 is putting the pressure on businesses owners to stay adaptable, yet interesting.

Keeping up with an effective social media presence is challenging and requires a large percentage of your time and effort.

Consumers are expecting businesses to maintain their online engagement.

This includes being available when consumers have questions, comments, or concerns about your business.

What was once optional is now paramount and consumers are progressively using social media as an essential metric of trust.

At NB Media Solutions, we understand the vitality of your online presence through your website and other social media platforms.

In addition to developing websites, NB Media Solutions always strives to give our clients the best tools for business success.

Social Media Post Scheduling

Every social media network has varying peak times when users are the most active.

For maximum audience interaction, you need to post and engage during these peak times.

It is impossible for businesses to focus solely on their social media engagement.

Software providers have designed a solution to make social media posting more convenient.

Businesses can design and publish content ahead of time and in bulk with innovative social media post scheduling tools.

Set a time that suits you and the social media content calendar will deliver your posts at the most favorable times.

Social Media Scheduling Software

Social media scheduling tools allow businesses to operate their social accounts consistently and effectively.

Creating a social media schedule with one of these tools will give you more time to push and create compelling content.

These systematic, social media posting tools allow your audience to expect your posts at specific times.

In the end, these tools will entice you to have more overall market interaction.

Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Here are our recommendations on the social media scheduling tools you'll want added to your marketing plan this year:

1. Buffer

Buffer Social Media Posting Tool

Buffer allows businesses to schedule their first 10 social updates for free before subscribing to a paid plan.

This gives first-time users the generous opportunity to see if social media automation is valuable to their business.

Buffer allows you to:

· Build a collection of posts that you want to share;

· Schedule appropriate, suitable times for your target market;

· Customize the messages for each social networking platform;

· Access your webpage links, titles, and images through the Buffer web browser extension and mobile app.

Buffer is great for businesses looking to track their social media progress through data and analytics.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Social Media Posting Tool

Hootsuite is great for automatic social content scheduling for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest accounts.

Businesses can design their schedule from scratch or use Hootsuite’s automatic planning function. Fill up your content queue in advance and easily reschedule when your queue ends.

Hootsuite also provides custom designed news feeds for your company. These feeds help you find specific keywords, hashtags and connections to the people that you want.

· Free Plan: 1 user, 3 social media profiles, 30 scheduled updates;

· Professional Plan: 1 user, 10 social media profiles, unlimited automatic scheduling: $25/month;

· Team Plans: 3 users, 20 social media profiles, unlimited scheduling: $109/month.

3. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar Social Media Posting Tool

MeetEdgar offers a majority of the common content scheduling tools on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Instagram and Pinterest are expected to be added soon as well. Until then, MeetEdgar will surely take a hit because of the rising popularity of these two platforms.

Creating a social media schedule is only the beginning of what MeetEdgar offers, from there users can also:

· Queue as much content as possible with minimal involvement on your part;

· Create multiple categories for different types of content (blog posts, promotional materials, quotes, questions etc.);

· Use their social media calendar to add post categories at set times.

MeetEdgar makes it easy to automatically repost evergreen content so it is visible to different audiences each time.

· $49/month, with discounts to military & non-profit users.

4. Tailwind

Tailwind Social Media Posting Tool

Tailwind is ideal for visual marketing and describes itself as “your end-to-end solutions for winning on Pinterest and Instagram”.

Seen as an all-in-one tool, Tailwind allows you to:

· Discover content;

· Schedule posts according to audience activity;

· Monitor conversations;

· Amplify audience reach;

· Analyze and track your results;

· Shuffle your post queue to ensure variety.

Tailwind's drag and drop function also makes it convenient for businesses to tag, upload and publish their posts in bulk.

· Plus Plan for Bloggers & Small Businesses:

Smart pin scheduling, measure pin success, unlimited pin scheduling, basic profile and board metrics, basic website insights: $9.99/month;

· Professional Plan for Larger Brands:

Complete profile and board reporting, optimize content strategy, brand monitoring suite, measure Pinterest ROI, benchmark vs competitors: $799.99/month.

5. Crowdfire

Crowdfire Social Media Posting Tool

Crowdfire has found its niche by being the first social media management app to support TikTok posts.

Users can use Crowdfire to post on every social network, blogging platform, and video site, including YouTube and Twitch.

Crowdfire puts an emphasis on content curation and:

· Gives users suggestions through a variety of articles, posts, and images on topics of interest;

· Keeps a queue of content and schedules your posts at optimal times;

· Gives you the option to set your best times manually across each social platform, every day;

· Allows users to see the number of posts that they have to make for each week using their Queue Meter functionality;

· Utilizes advanced analytics to build custom reports, focusing on your preferred metrics.

Crowdfire offers 4 membership plans ranging from their Free Plan, to their $74.98/month unlimited VIP Plan.

6. Planoly

Planoly Social Media Posting Tool

Planoly is the top-rated marketing and visual planning solution for brands and influencers on Instagram.

Users can create a cohesive Instagram feed and manage multiple social media accounts through Planoly.

Since 2016, Planoly has served over 850,000 users like Estee Lauder, Lóreal, LuluLemon, Warby Parker and many more.

Planoly is easy to use and designed to save you time above anything else.

Planoly allows you to upload your images easily with their drag-and-drop feature. This feature is especially important because users can see how their feed looks before they commit to posting.

Planoly’s analytics allow users to see:

  • How effective their social engagement is;

  • What times and days bring maximum audience interaction;

  • What types of images and videos get the most interest.

7. Promo Republic

Promo Republic Social Media Posting Tool

Promo Republic integrates social posts through the most popular networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Like most social media management apps, Promo Republic's publishing calendar allows users to schedule their posts and visuals in advance.

Promo Republic is a full-scale social media management platform that goes beyond social media post scheduling.

With Promo Republic, users have access to:

· A library with 100,000 post ideas;

· Graphic editing tools;

· Data analytics, reporting and smart posting;

· Social monitoring to manage your brand reputation;

· Intelligent Ads to improve your social advertising campaigns.

Promo Republic offers 3 plans for small businesses, marketing agencies and other enterprises:

· Standard ($49/month): 10 social media pages, 2 team members, advanced social media calendar, library of content suggestions;

· Professional ($99/month): 30 social media pages, 15 team members/clients, client and agency work coordinator, reporting provider;

· Enterprise (Custom Pricing): Custom number of social pages, locations, representatives and franchises, custom workflow, content storage and adoption program.