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Which is Better for Business: A Website or A Facebook Page?

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Website Versus Facebook: Which is Better for Business?
Website Versus Facebook: Which is Better for Business?

The social networking site who you, your parents, younger siblings, and even your grandparents probably have a profile on. It’s worldwide and still going strong even a decade and a half later… the one and only, Facebook.

The progressive sophistication of social media platforms is amazing. There is good and bad that comes from using social media outlets. Allowing businesses to easily build relationships with potential prospects from all over the globe is a good thing.

Organizations and businesses are better able to create lasting relationships due to the convenience of the web. The online world has made communication quick, easy, and concise.

NB Media Solutions has many clients asking:

Which is better for their business’ online presence, creating a Facebook page or a full-blown website?

How Bout Both!

A Facebook page alone won't do! Why? Because with FB, or any social network, you don’t own your audience. You can’t take your followers from one project to the next, they’re locked into someone else’s network. Likewise, Facebook’s one size fits all solution is not going to best serve your business effectively. By all means have a Facebook page, but consider it one of many marketing avenues, not your home on the web.

Your target audience is looking for you on Google and Facebook. You should do everything in your power to be present in as many places as possible.

NB Media Solutions has the experience and tools to design and, ultimately, transform your small business’ website. We accomplish this through our web design, website maintenance, graphic design, content writing and SEO (search engine optimization) services.

NB Media has a proven marketing strategy. We offer business owners affordable marketing services that grows traffic organically.

Website or Facebook Page

Still wondering which is best for your business, a website or Facebook page?