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WixEd - Wix Education

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

WixEd (Short for Wix Education) was a FREE learning program that taught users how to build beautiful websites for clients and make a successful business out of it. It was a closed group for Certified Wix Webmasters who graduated the WixEd program.

Wix web designers could join and sign up for WixEd at and take the first step in becoming a professional webmaster!

WixEd offered free online courses made up of short videos and downloadable materials to help you achieve your goal – whether that's developing your own website or your web career.

Through WixEd's site development & webmaster courses, users learned everything they needed to know about mastering the web all from an industry leader - Wix.

So, What Happened to Wix Ed?

The WixEd team has made a few name shifts over the years and is currently known as the Wix Partner Community. The focus has always remained the same - Improving the relationship between Web Design Agencies who work with and Wix themselves.

What was cool about the WixEd program was after watching all the videos and completing the courses - Wix then challenged the Webmaster to complete an assignment. WixEd had a primary goal to give graduates the tools they needed to succeed in the real world. The assignment made you research 3 potential businesses around your local area and fill out surveys on each to determine if they would be good clients to pursue.

After submitting your assignment, the final step in getting your WixEd Certification was a short interview with one of the Wix Education team members. In the interview, you had to "pitch" yourself to the business you listed as the one who is most likely to move forward with your services.

The last group to graduate from the WixEd certification program was in August of 2017. Nicholas Noe, from our digital marketing agency was issued his Wix Webmaster certificate by WixEd in March of 2016. See the cool WixEd wax seal that made the certification extra official!

NB Media Solutions has been working with exclusively since 2010. Over the years, Wix has evolved and so have the certifications and badges that Wix Partners are able to earn. Our agency has always made it a priority to evolve with Wix and learn everything available that can potentially help our customers. The badges below represent the evolution of the WixEd program as well as our progress over time.


Today, Wix Partners have access to Wix Betas, Round Tables, fantastic connection to the Wix Product teams, Expert Meetups, and more. The partner program is tiered based on knowledge and experience.

If you are thinking of entering the world of internet marketing, there is no better place to start than applying to become a Wix Partner. You can visit the current Facebook group or learn more about the current Wix Partner program by clicking here.

Our agency is happy to answer any questions you have as well. After all, we are Wix certified trainers!

Email us at or live chat us in the bottom right corner of our site.

Let's talk Wix!


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