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Grow your Business & Brand with Ascend by Wix

Ascend by Wix Animation

Wix is the website building platform that continues to grow, evolve and stay up to date with the latest business needs and tech trends.

Ascend by Wix is their latest innovation designed to allow companies to easily and conveniently manage their businesses through a collection of applications under one, sole package.

Wix refers to this package as the ultimate “all-in one business solution,” within users Wix accounts.

The Wix Ascend app is designed for businesses to maintain and manage their emails, contacts, invoices, quotes, website forms, newsletters, subscriptions, social content, workflows, tasks, reminders and more, under one bundle.

The Wix Ascend CRM was ultimately created to make managing your online business life easier. We can vouch that it has done just that (plus so much more) for us and our clients here at NB Media.

What is Ascend by Wix?

Ascend turns your visitors into valuable leads with seamless marketing integrations to design targeted ads, and monitor how people interact with your website.

Ascend by Wix helps businesses and enterprises make logical business decisions to optimize their marketing efforts in the future.

Let’s dive into the specifics of each category and the wix features that Ascend offers:

Contacts List

Ascend Wix makes it easy for businesses to keep track of consumers who interact and engage with your website.

Whenever a site visitor makes a purchase, subscribes to your newsletter and so on, they’re automatically added to your contact list. You can see the person’s name, email and the time of their most recent activity here.

You can also divide your list into categories so it’s easier to find certain contacts. Wix allows users to add labels and attachments for specific contacts on their contact list feature as well.


Users can allow their visitors to become members of their website. Businesses can also create different roles and assign permissions to different members to allow/restrict access to the pages available on your website.

Wix customers who provide a Members Area, where their site visitors maintain profiles and purchase history, have 154% more repeat visitors

Wix Inbox

The inbox feature allows you to manage your client interactions on your website.

Have the luxury to quickly respond to visitors in chat or respond to other messages sent that are sent through your website (via form or app).

Inbox has a history of all site visitor interactions, store purchases and more.

Ascend by Wix Chat

We have all been greeted by a chatbox on a website.

With Wix chat, you can design a branded chatbox and communicate live with customers on your website.

You can chat from your Wix inbox on your computer or from the Wix mobile app on your smartphone.

Wix Ascend Forms

Design custom forms to collect personal info from your site visitors with Wix forms.

There are plenty of templates and styles to choose from to suit your business needs.

Wix customers who use Forms have 114% more submissions.

Wix Ascend Automations

Automated actions help businesses stay connected and linked to their consumers.

You can set a trigger to start your automation for something like a new member sign-up, define the action in response to the trigger like sending a welcome email, and then set timing of the action (as soon as the member signs up, after a few hours, days, weeks etc.)

Wix customers who use Automations, a product that allows business owners to set up triggers to automate and manage interactions with customers, have 151% more site traffic

Wix Invoices

Wix Ascend Invoicing

Send invoices to the customers who have purchased a product or service from you.

Directly receive the payment through your Wix account and have the ability to track all invoices from your dashboard.

Pricing & Quotes

Send your prospects price estimates, negotiate over terms and conditions, and automatically convert to an invoice when the quote is approved by your customer.

Tasks & Reminders

Wix Ascend allows you to arrange and prioritize your work by creating tasks, setting and receiving notifications for due dates.

You can link a task to a contact from your list based on what you need from them and mark it complete when it's finished.


Design a customized plan to enhance and improve your website SEO with SEO Wiz.

Get more exposure on popular search engines like Google and drive your website traffic through the roof.

Email Marketing

Wix Ascend Email Marketing

Professional email marketing campaigns help get your business and site details out to your audience. Wix customers using Email Marketing have 783% more site traffic.

There are a variety of impressive templates where you can customize your own design and content.

Check your stats and track the performance of your campaign through Ascend Wix email marketing feature.

Marketing Integrations

Ascend Marketing Integrations

Wix powerful marketing tools make an impact where you can measure your online campaigns, learn about consumer behavior on your website, and so much more.

Wix supports and makes it easy to connect with useful marketing tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, plus more.

Social Posts

Drive traffic to your website by impressing your visitors with remarkable social media posts.

Customize unique templates to fit your brand and upload for the world to see.


Encourage brand loyalty and drive your sales with coupons through Wix Ascend.

After you have added Wix Stores or Wix Bookings to your website, you can design coupons from your Wix Inbox and send them via Chat!

What Wix Ascend Can Do for You

Wix Ascend Upgrade

As you can see, Ascend by Wix can do numerous things that will benefit your business and simplify your management.

Let’s get into the details of what each, specific feature that we just went over, will actually bring to your brand and business.

Get Visitors

  • SEO Tools: Get Recognized on Google:

    • Ensure that your consumers can find your website on the web. When you use Wix SEO tools, you are likely to be found on the first page of Google like the other 70% of users who are.

  • Social Posts: Spread the Word on Social Media:

    • Encourage audience interaction, boost your sites traffic, and increase brand awareness with impressive social posts through Facebook and Instagram.

  • Video Maker: Design Promo Videos:

    • Design a professional video ad to showcase your brand. Share the video directly through Facebook and YouTube from your Wix dashboard.

  • Marketing Integrations: Connect to Professional Marketing Tools:

    • Boost your marketing with targeted campaigns, A/B/C/D quizzes and detailed consumer insights.

Capture Leads

  • Live Chat: Chat with Visitors:

    • Contact your target audience at the right place and the right time to answer their questions and finalize sales. Studies show that business owners who utilize live chats increase their sales by 300%!

  • Forms: Transform Site Visitors to Leads:

    • Request feedback, collect payments, gather visitors’ personal information, plus so much more, with custom forms.

Close Deals

  • Pricing & Quotes: Leads Transform into Paying Customers:

    • Recommend and negotiate pricing for your products and services through Wix Pricing. Automatically convert accepted prices into professional invoices.

  • Invoices: Request, Accept & Track Payments:

    • Create branded invoices to request payments from your consumers. Track the status of payments from the comfort of your Wix dashboard.

  • Coupons: Encourage Consumers & Drive More Sales:

    • Invite customers back and encourage first time sales with personalized discounted coupons.

Gain Customer Loyalty

  • Email Marketing: Subscribers Become More Engaged:

    • Share announcements, special deals and send out your daily newsletter, so your contacts never forget to make a purchase from your brand again.

  • Members: Increase Returning Visits:

    • Tailor the site experience for your most loyal, interactive consumers. Offer private member accounts and exclusive access to certain products, services and content on your site.

  • Automations: Send Messages at the Correct Times:

    • Arrange automated responses to certain actions and account activities on your website to support productivity and save time.

Manage Your Business

  • Inbox: Manage Communications:

    • Have the ability to instantly respond to every message that you receive and track your convo history. You can even sync your Facebook and Gmail to build multiple channels of communication.

  • Contact List: Increase & Manage Mailing Lists:

    • Each new lead that your business receives gets added to your contact list. Like we mentioned before, you can add labels, filter contacts within certain groups to instantly get in touch.

  • Workflows: Streamline the Workload:

    • Create custom workflows to track leads, prioritize tasks and help your team members envision what needs to be done and when to do it.

  • Tasks & Reminders: Never Forget Again:

    • Stay motivated and on track with a programmed to-do list. Access it from your desktop and/or smartphone whenever you need to.

How Ascend Wix Works

Ascend By Wix Logo

Let's walk through the basics of Wix Ascend with a scenario example:

Mary is looking to buy a nice shirt for her boyfriend's birthday, and she happens to notice one of Andrew's marketing campaigns through Facebook.

Mary is intrigued and impressed, and starts to get acquainted with Andrew's clothing brand by visiting his Wix website for the very first time.

Andrew's website includes some of Ascend's features, and he set up an automatic greeting chat when viewers first click on his website.

When the chat pops on Mary's screen to welcome her, she quickly responds to get further information on Andrew's business and products.

Andrew instantly gets notified on his phone and helps Mary browse through his clothing collection.

While he does this, he also swiftly collects her information that he will need to process her order.

Wix Ascend chat provides excellent customer service by letting businesses engage with their customers via live chat to answer all their questions, comments and concerns right on the spot.

Andrew has every chat conversation from his website automatically saved in his inbox from his customers in case he needs to address any past transactions.

When Andrew needs to send Mary a professional invoice, he is able to do that through the invoice feature on Ascend by Wix.

Wix invoice allows Mary to pay in just a click and immediately transforms her into a site visitor to a paying customer.

Andrew decides that he wants to boost his retention, and uses the Ascend quick action keyboard to send Mary a coupon for her next purchase with his company.

Mary appreciates this thoughtful voucher and keeps it in mind for when she needs to buy her boyfriend another gift from Andrew's site.

Ascend by Wix tracks, manages and automates each customer journey so that you can give each client the attention and focus that they deserve.

An all-in-one business solution, Wix Ascend has the integrative marketing weapons that every business should have in their arsenal of communication and management tools.

Wix Ascend Pricing, Plan Details & Reviews

How much does wix ascend cost?

Here are some specific details about Wix Ascend's price plans, details and client reviews.

Wix Ascend Upgrade - Ascend by Wix Pricing & Plans

Wix by Ascend comes in three different plans, each with different fundamentals:

  • Basic $10/month: The essentials to get you started:

    • 5 email campaigns/month

    • 7 automations

    • 5 social posts/month

    • 5 payment plans & invoices

  • Professional $24/month: Powerful features for business growth:

    • 20 email campaigns/month

    • 20 automations

    • 20 social posts/month

    • Unlimited recurring payment plans & invoices

    • Assign contacts & tasks to 5 site contributors

  • Unlimited $49/month: The ultimate solution to your business:

    • Unlimited email campaigns

    • Unlimited automations

    • Unlimited social posts

    • Unlimited recurring payment plans & invoices

    • Assign contacts & tasks to unlimited site contributors

    • VIP customer support

Wix Ascend Pricing

NOTE: Wix often discounts the above packages and runs 50% sales. Check your upgrade tab for available wix ascend promo codes. Wix users upgrading with with wix coupon code get 50% for the first year.

Wix Ascend Reviews

Ascend by Wix Reviews

“The email marketing features are amazing! I love all of the statistics and watching my clients open and click through my offers!”


“I started with with ascend by wix free version. But once I reached my limitations I upgraded to the wix ascend basic package. The yearly premium plan was only $120! Best decision we ever made upgrading the wix plan.

Communicating with our clients has become much easier and the additional features not available in the wix ascend free version are cool too!”


“We Trust NB Media as our website builder. They recommended using Ascend to communicate with our client base through our wix site. The additional wix premium price is well worth the investment for the simple fact that our ecommerce products are now bundled conveniently into one marketing platform.”


Choose the Wix Ascend Plan Right for Your Small Business

At NB Media Solutions, we do what we can to make our clients’ lives easier so that you can focus on building your brand and growing your business.

Along with our professional experience, we have all the SEO tools and digital resources to make growing your business fast, easy and enjoyable.

Ascend by Wix offers various marketing and management features for your business, but the main ones that we use are:

#1. Email Marketing: NB Media uses email marketing on Ascend Wix for our clients to stay engaged and connected to their clients.

#2. Customer Contact List & CRM: We find customer management for our clients to be much easier by utilizing the organized Contact List feature on Wix Ascend.

#3. Automations: Makes our life and yours easier when you get those little reminders to follow up with your clients.

We believe that Wix Ascend is a great, resourceful tool that does a lot in helping manage and ultimately, grow your brand.

NB Media Solutions recommends that you review all that Wix Ascend offers once more to ensure that is it the right plan for you and your business.


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