Website Maintenance Services


Complete SEO Settings

Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Keywords Focused

on Local Demographics

Dedicated Support

100+ Directory Listing

Monthly Content Creation Including Pages and Blogs

And More!

$199.00 / mo


$299.00 / mo*

*Everything from Individual PLUS:


Access to Our Entire Team of Graphic Designers, SEO Specialists and Customer Support


Add Structured Data JSON-LD

Royalty-Free Image Use

Custom Form Generation

and Call to Action

And More!


*Everything from Business PLUS:

Dedicated VIP Account Manager

Customized Locally Targeted Ads

on Google, Bing and Facebook

Backlink Generation

Bi-Weekly PDF Report

Custom Meta Tags & Defined Canonical Tags

And More!

$399.00 / mo*

Let’s face facts - website maintenance isn’t sexy! When you first envisioned starting your platform, you probably didn’t imagine maintenance services and the costs associated with it. Instead, you thought about becoming another online giant, such as Amazon or Facebook. However, website maintenance is an essential part of your online success. Without an expert by your side, you will suffer from everything from downtime to a high bounce rate, both of which are detrimental to your bottom line.


Here at NB Media Solutions, we are interested in your bottom line. As web design experts, we understand what it takes to keep your site up and running and free from glitches. With our services, you can expect to stay online and do right by your customer base and audience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual, a business or a business professional with an aggressive marketing plan - we have the services to suit your needs.

What does Website Maintenance Mean?

It’s hard to picture what website maintenance is because it doesn’t fit the bill of what you’d usually expect from repairs. After all, it’s not as if we use a wrench and a screwdriver! So, what do we do to ensure your platform maintains a healthy level of performance? Firstly, we will complete a full audit of all your website features, from current settings to design recommendations. Once we know what we’re dealing with, then we can offer our expert advice.


Maintenance doesn’t only mean fixing things - it also includes keeping up with the times. Although most people think Google is God, you probably have a different opinion considering how often they tweak their algorithm. Unfortunately, it’s not as if you can ignore the king of SEO. The good news is that we follow the updates and use our knowledge to make sure that your site adheres to the ever-changing indexes. By doing this, we boost your chances of ranking on results’ pages and increase traffic. 


In addition to SEMrush visibility software and various directory business listings, we implement Google Analytics across all of our services. As a result, you can see that the changes we make are on point and make a difference in the outcome of the project. Too many maintenance companies compile proposals that look and sound good yet don’t deliver on their promises. While they are straight out of a western, we aren’t cowboys! Our website maintenance packages are meant to MAINTAIN and GROW your online presence over time and help add value to the internet.

Our Individual, Business and Professional web page SEO maintenance packages range in price as all three have different features. For example, for monthly content creation and complete SEO settings, the Individual package is best. However, if you want to add a dedicated account manager to the mix and additional content creation every month, the Business plan is an excellent choice. Finally, the Professional program mixes the best features into one monthly service. As well as a VIP account manager and an Online advertising spend, there is also a bi-weekly report on progress made.


The prices are as follows:



Because we know that cost is a big deal, we price competitively and provide a plan that is within everyone’s budget. And, they aren’t empty words that don’t mean anything. To back up our intentions, we don’t use contracts. Yes, you heard right! Once you pick a package, it lasts for one month and you get to decide to stay or go. Not to be cocky, but we class them as annual deals because our website maintenance plans keep clients around all year long! 


You don’t have to take our word for it - try us for a month and experience how our techniques get results. Or use our FREE SEO Audit tool and get a price without spending a penny.

Who We Work With


The answer is easy - we work with everyone. We have clients from every walk of life and industry.  On top of that our clients are located all over the World.  We love coming to work every day and working for our clients.  Every day brings something different and it makes our job fun!  It doesn’t matter which platform you use as we have the capabilities to incorporate our packages. Mainly, clients are part of our base with 95% of our customers and clients using the Wix platform. However, the other 5% is made up of WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Godaddy users, to name a few.

What Is Website Maintenance?


It means that we specialize in helping Wix users maintain their website. With a large proportion of our clients using this platform, there aren’t many technical faults that we can’t fix. We’ve been there, done it, and bought the t-shirt. Of course, we are by no means a one-trick pony. Spending time with other platforms, such as WordPress and Shopify, means that we are flexible and consistent regardless of the application.


The projects we have completed shows a range of understanding of all things web maintenance-related, as do our stellar reviews from previous clients.

Other Services


Website maintenance isn’t the only area of the business in which we specialize. We also provide our customers with SEO support, as well as web and logo design and bespoke business cards. Success revolves around staying online and appearing in as many searches as possible, but they aren’t the only pillars. An aesthetic appeal has been around since the dawn of time and continues to have an impact today.


When you choose NB Media Solutions, you don’t only get updates and 24-hour support - you get a visual expression of your brand. This is vital if you want to make a fantastic first impression and appeal to customers and clients from the moment they see your logo or website. And, if the new methods are effective, you can rely on old-fashioned techniques with our high-quality, printed business cards.


Don’t worry if you’re not a quintessential online business as we develop custom designs for nearly every sector.


They include:


  • Manufacturing

  • Non-profit

  • Religious organizations

  • Education

  • Retailers

  • Online stores and e-commerce

  • Business-to-business

  • Consulting

  • Entertainment

  • Food and beverage

NB Media Solutions


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With zero fixed-term contracts, there is no fuss, just a company that believes in its vision to help add value to the internet.

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