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10 Google Tricks for 2021 (And A Bonus Google Game!)

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Typically, we would introduce this with a paragraph about how technology continues to evolve as we move into 2021, but let’s be honest about why you clicked on our site.

You’re going to skip right over the big paragraphs, pay attention to the bold headlines and click on a handful of the blue links that we’re providing for you.

Chances are, you will either be amused by our new Google tricks, or frustrated that you have already seen/tried some of them.

Eventually, you’ll click on another site who has a different Google tricks list and that will be that, but until then, enjoy the interesting read.

Google Easter Eggs

Google continues to get better at what they do and at some point, we are all going to type the infamous ‘Google Easter Eggs’ into our search bars to see what the hype is about.

Do a Barrel Roll

Type “do a barrel roll”, disregard the quotes and prepare to have your world flipped upside-down.

Pretty impressive google tricks do a barrel roll, is it not?

Sorry for the ‘queasy’ disclaimer that we forgot to mention.

The old barrel roll isn’t the only Easter egg Google has in its list of tricks.

Browse through several more google tricks and tips:


Running a Google search on the word “askew” will have your head tilting to the side, similar to what your dog does when you’re asking them to do something human.

No, your monitor isn’t broken and no, you didn’t magically adjust your display settings.

That is just one of Google latest magic tricks on your mind.

Zerg Rush

This is added to our list of Google fun tricks because it’s more of an interactive feature rather than a picture that you just look at.

Search for “zerg rush” and your results will be attacked by a screen of Os that you have to tap on in order to save your list of search results.

Google Tricks Fun - Let us know if you were able to salvage the results on your screen, otherwise, try and try again.

Google Tricks Thanos

If you’re into superheroes… or excuse us, supervillains, then you’ll enjoy this Marvel Comics Easter egg Google added to their list of tricks.

Typing “Thanos” into your Google search bar won’t do much, but when you click on his Infinity Gauntlet that is pictured below, you’ll notice something interesting.

Clicking on his gauntlet a second time will bring your screen back to normal, don’t worry!

Blink in HTML

Google tricks your mind into thinking that your PC is acting up and they’ve done it again with this.

Searching for “Blink HTML” on your computer will bring you back to simpler, albeit, archaic digital times.

When you do this, you’ll notice that all the HTML texts will start blinking, and probably, even frustrating you.

Google in 1998

Since we’re already going old-school, we may as well bring it way back, specifically to 1998.

Type “Google in 1998” in your search bar to be teleported back to the Internet stone ages.

What the Internet could do back then was impressive and sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of how far we’ve evolved as humans in technology and digital computerization.

Google Gravity

The Google gravity trick does exactly what it sounds like, gets rid of the ‘gravity’ on your screen.

Now, obviously, our computers don’t have gravity like we do here on Earth, but this feature makes it seem like they actually do.

Google gravity causes the Google search bar page to shatter on your screen, but interestingly enough, it still works just as well as it would if it was intact.

Play around with this to see if your search still goes through Google.

Google Earth Mars

If you’re as fascinated with the outside universe as we are, then this easter egg Google incorporated into their features will amaze you.

When you search for “Google Mars”, you will get a 3D map of the planet’s surface elevation.

From here, you can view Mars’ regions, mountains, canyons, craters and more!

Flip a Coin

Flip a coin is one of the more useful features on their Google tricks list.

When users are deciding between two options, they can use flip a coin Google to make the decision for them instantly.

Pacman Doodle

Everyone has heard of the legendary game of Pacman.

Such a fun and simple game is way more amusing to play that you might think.

Run a Google tricks search for “Pacman doodle” in your search bar to find out for yourself!

Bonus Google Game:

Play Snake

Last but not least, we had to add this feature into our series of hidden Google tricks.

Similar to Pacman, play snake on Google allows users to play the old-fashioned Nokia game that we all know and love.

Just type in “play snake” in your Google search bar and hit the ‘Play’ button to be teleported back to simpler times.

There you have it.

Hopefully, NB Media Solutions has engulfed you in enough nostalgia as we took you down memory lane.

Hidden features and Google tips and tricks will always be a trend, but we invite you to explore the Google Easter eggs that we chose to share with you above!


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