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10 Google Tricks for 2021 (And A Bonus Google Game!)

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Typically, we would introduce this with a paragraph about how technology continues to evolve as we move into 2021, but let’s be honest about why you clicked on our site.

You’re going to skip right over the big paragraphs, pay attention to the bold headlines and click on a handful of the blue links that we’re providing for you.

Chances are, you will either be amused by our new Google tricks, or frustrated that you have already seen/tried some of them.

Eventually, you’ll click on another site who has a different Google tricks list and that will be that, but until then, enjoy the interesting read.

Google Easter Eggs

Google continues to get better at what they do and at some point, we are all going to type the infamous ‘Google Easter Eggs’ into our search bars to see what the hype is about.

Do a Barrel Roll

Type “do a barrel roll”, disregard the quotes and prepare to have your world flipped upside-down.

Pretty impressive google tricks do a barrel roll, is it not?

Sorry for the ‘queasy’ disclaimer that we forgot to mention.

The old barrel roll isn’t the only Easter egg Google has in its list of tricks.

Browse through several more google tricks and tips:


Running a Google search on the word “askew” will have your head tilting to the side, similar to what your dog does when you’re asking them to do something human.