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Our SEO Battle Versus the Tiger King's Carole Baskin

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Our SEO Battle vs Carole Baskin | NB Media Solutions

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, the majority of high ranking results come from 3 things:

  1. Monitoring your websites technical settings that impact SEO

  2. Developing and implementing the right content on your website

  3. Building the right links to complement your content

The hard part is doing those 3 things the right way.

We have a PROVEN plan that works and have oodles of case studies to back that up. The following blog post is one of our most unique and successful SEO related adventures.

We received a quotation request from Frazier Farms Exotics in August of 2019. Their website,, was not being found on Google searches.

To make matters worse, the top result in the Google search for their name was a scathing article published on

Frazier Farms Exotics | Responsible Pet Ownership Starts With You

Initially, we were hesitant to take the project on due to the nature of the job and the words in the 911 animal abuse article. After a talk with the client and a review of their farm, business, and State laws, we determined that they were genuinely exceptional people who care about animals, just like we do at NB Media!

The article is an opinionated hit piece that was published solely to hurt our clients reputation. 911 Animal abuse dot com is the project of Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida’s CEO, Carole Baskin.

Why would Carole Baskin want to bring animosity toward our animal loving client?

Our client's attire actually read: “Responsible Pet Ownership Starts With You”, in a photo that was posted online in the same article that was bashing them.

Carole clearly misunderstood our client's intentions, and NB Media Solutions was determined to help Frazier Farms overcome the online hate.

We didn't know it at the time, but Carole Baskin was about to become a household name. The Netflix show Tiger King and Joe Exotic took the world by storm in March of 2020. We reached out to our client to ask if this "Carole" that was bashing her online, was the same woman from the Netflix series, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness?

Their response:

Yes sir, the one and only!“

How amazing. Our client is going up against Carole Baskin from Netflix Tiger King for the top spot on Google.

Here is how the story unveiled in our SEO battle vs. Tiger King's Carole Baskin:

The Goal:

Joe Exotic GIF | On the internet worldwide

NB Media's ultimate goal was to rank #1 in the Google rankings anytime someone searches for our client's name. After that, index and rank as many pages as possible to drown out the article bashing them and their business.

Bring it on Carole Baskin!

Before we get into the specifics of our SEO services, let's touch on some of the details of the article that bashed our client.

Not all of the organizations, entities, and people listed on Baskin's 911 Animal Abuse site have actually committed animal abuse. The website exists for pushing political animal rights beliefs about big cat captivity onto the unknowing public


The comments about our client that Baskin claimed to be true were hurtful and shameful to assume. They are actually humorous because Baskin has no idea who our client is, what they stand for, or what they believe in when it comes to animals.

Baskin writes, "They appear to be among the kingpins of the US exotic animal trade, but little is known about them."

Carole Baskin made harsh, untrue remarks about our client and succeeded in lowering their reputation, sabotaging their business, and attacking their genuine character, when they genuinely care for all animals!

It's all fun and games until the claws come out.

Carole Baskin Dancing With The Stars Tiger Claw
Carole Baskin Laughing GIF

Baskin writes, "they clearly view animals as nothing more than commodities to be bought and sold for profit."

NB Media wasn't just going to sit back and let the cruel, false comments degrade our client, so bring on the nervous laughs because it's going down!

Our SEO Process

Not only does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sound complicated, it is. Thankfully, we're the Wix SEO pros and we know what we're doing.

NB Media took the following steps below to kickstart our SEO battle with Baskin.

  1. Designed and launched a Wix HTML5 E-commerce website with SEO settings optimized!

  2. Set up and ran Google Ads - Targeting 1 keyword “Frazier Farms Exotics” search query

  3. Set up a Google Business Listing

NB Media wasted no time and the screenshot below shows the Google Adwords paid advertising we ran to take over the #1 search result spot immediately.

Google Adwords Example | Google Business Listing Placement
Google Adwords #1 Search Result | Google Business Listing | Organic Google Search Results

We also built a Google Business Listing to show additional information about Frazier Farms Exotics when users searched for their company name. A Google Business Listing gives users more confidence about the local business and verifies that it is the correct place they are looking for. Check out our complete guide to optimize your Google Business Listing.

Now, when users are searching for our client by name, they will have access to the right information and can contact them directly. Whereas before, Baskin's dishonest article took up this entire space on the first page of a Google Search for their small business.

SEO takes time and progress doesn't just happen overnight. After about a month or so, we finally got our client's website to populate on the first page of Google. We also bumped down Baskin's 911animalabuse website which wrote the hateful article about our client.

Baskin's article was still showing on the first page, but it wasn't listed as the #1 result anymore which gives us progress… but no trophy quite yet!

Carole Baskin

Baskin must be appalled that we are finally bringing the truth to light, and all NB Media has to say is… good!

After more time had passed, our consistent content and link building efforts paid off. Frazier Farm Exotics eventually overtook the article claiming the animal abuse with multiple pages from our client's website:

Google search results for "frazier farms exotics" query

Today, the Google result for our client's business does not require any paid Google advertising. NB Media secured the top two spots for our client's name organically and our client's Google Business Listing is optimized with many great reviews from REAL customers.

Our client's Facebook page is also above the fictional article in the search results, which users are more likely to click on to see exactly what our client is really about.

SEO Results in Google Search

Our client was ecstatic with the progress that we made. Baskin's article was finally drowned out by the truth. Which is that our client’s are compassionate individuals who care for all animals. Our client can go back to making a life out of their business without being painted by Baskin as something cruel.

Tiger King | Tiger Print

In just a mere year, NB Media also increased our client's website traffic from 50 visitors per month, to over 30,000! This is the magic of what SEO can truly do for our clients.

SEO | Organic Traffic Graph

Over 4,000 target keywords indexed!

SEO Keywords Rankings Chart

NB Media utilized the amazing Ecommerce SEO tools offered on because now, our client has hundreds of keywords in the top ranking on Google!

Google the following searches and our client was #1 in the results pages at the time of this article publishing in early 2021:

“Wolf Dog For Sale” - 8,100 search volume per month in the USA - Rank #1

“Raccoon For Sale” - 4,400 searches per month in the USA - Rank #1

“Lynx Kitten” - 3,600 searches per month in the USA - Rank #1

NB Media Solutions cares for our clients and we want to portray you, your business and your brand to the world through the reputation that you deserve.

We have a PROVEN digital marketing plan that we can customize to each of our clients needs. Once that plan is determined, we work to develop and implement SEO focused content month after month for our clients.

Fill out the form below to run a FREE SEO Audit on your website. NB Media Solutions will follow up with a plan to perfect your SEO and drive more organics traffic to your website!

Let NB Media Solutions Manage your SEO and this could be you!


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