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Working from Home? 35 Tips from our Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

COVID-19 has not only drastically changed the entire world, but it has changed the way that we think, the way that we work and the way that we interact in the workplace.

Hopefully this virus and its repercussions are all temporary, but for now, we are taking it all in as if it is going to last for some time. We have rewired our brains to think and stay productive while working from the comfort of our own home now.

Working from home sounds great, at first.

We were all excited to have the ability to roll out of bed, hop online and do the work that we are getting paid to do. But now, the changes around us have settled in and people might be getting less motivated to stay on top of their work-from-home-hustle every day.

At NB Media Solutions, most of our work is done online already which is why we didn’t have to make many drastic changes to begin working from home. NB Media team members simply found a way to stay more focused, energized, and motivated to grind from start to finish, and we’d love to share our helpful tips so you can do the same.

Work from Home Online

Our team at NB Media Solutions has adjusted to working from home in an effective manner.

We are not saying that it is always easy to follow our own tips, but they have helped us improve our mindset and work grind immensely, so that we are as productive as can be throughout the entire workday.

Our team consists of seven members and we would be lying if we said that our work-from-home process was happy-go-lucky all the time.

It took work and dedication to get our mindsets to where they are nine months after the global pandemic hit, and we have some tips to keep in mind before you hear our recipe for success in working from home.

Be Positive

The #1 answer to most problems: staying positive.

Especially in tough times like this, the Coronavirus is impacting us all differently. Some of us have had family and friends who have gone through the virus and seeing how it affects everyone around the globe differently can be a scary thought.

Overthinking the virus and staying paranoid about its effects will only drive you mad.

Working from home will be much easier if your mindset every morning is getting through the day (no matter how busy you may be) with a great attitude.

Staying positive reinforces us to also stay motivated, and everyone needs a little extra motivation nowadays.

Stay Relaxed

Stay relaxed… but not too relaxed. We’re talking about lighting a candle during your work from home experience, not curling up in a ball and turning on your favorite Netflix show.

Candles and soothing scents will help you get into your zone and motivate you to stay on your hustle. Unless you have zoom meetings to attend to, comfy clothes will also help keep you relaxed. A cup of coffee or tea in the morning is also the perfect way to kickstart your energy for the workday.

Don’t Stress

Yes, times are tough and stressful, but that does not mean that business still aren't booming or busy which is why it is imperative to stay de-stressed.

Stressing about being busy or stressing about not being busy will only cause you to resent your work from home experience. Stay organized, energized, motivated, and your stress will never reach a point of self-destruction.


Now that we have covered some helpful pre-tips to help your mind stay calm during your work from home experience, we can get into how our team at NB Media Solutions does what they do so well… even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Nick – Chief

1. Make sure a plan is established for all team members before each day starts. Knowing important tasks will be handled puts your mind at ease. When each one of our team members have their day planned out it allows me to focus on new opportunities and handle the workload of requests that come in each day!

2. Find a solution/software that teams can use to stay on track and be efficient while working remotely – We use

3. COMMUNICATION is key – We use Google Chat, phone calls, emailing, texting, etc, to stay in touch. The more you communicate, the less isolated you feel and the better your team will perform.

4. Multi Screen Setup for Productivity –

The more, the merrier. Since we are all constantly being pulled in a million directions at once, multiple screens help us to stay more efficient by having the ability to complete more than one task at a time.

5. Find a quiet, isolated place to work away from distractions.

Hannah – Sales Manager

6. Get up, shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed instead of lounging around in filth all day.

7. Make a list of tasks that need to be completed at the start of each day.

8. Call with questions instead of trying to figure it out on your own.

9. Don’t work from a bed/couch – work from a table or office space.

10. Call the Boss Man if I’m feeling frustrated instead of leaving my frustration stewing.

Vince – Content Writer

11. Don’t leave your desk unless you have to use the restroom.

12. Lunchtime means eat AND work, not eat then work (clock out to eat if needed).

13. Find soothing, inspirational music that helps you think (I use chill music with NO words).

14. Keep track of time, but DO NOT watch the clock, time slows down that way.

15. Switch up your projects to avoid burnout.

Daria – Content Writer

16. Relaxing music with no words helps me get into my zone and focus on each specific topic.

17. Make sure that you’re organized while working and don’t feel the need to constantly get up from your desk. Have what you need for the entire day around you within reach.

18. Don’t focus on the same topic for too long otherwise your brain will overload and you will sound repetitive.

19. Take five-minute breathers in between big projects. I like to focus on something unrelated to the topic that I had just written about, to bring my mind back into balance and avoid getting overwhelmed.

20. Keep track of time so that you’re not spending too much time on one, sole task.

Twila – Lead Web Designer

21. Try to keep as many variables consistent as possible. Work in the same place in your house and start work at the same time every day. If you are using mental energy deciding how to set up your workspace and plan your workday, you have less mental energy to devote to your work itself.

22. Put your personal phone out of sight and out of reach. I put my phone in another room.

23. Communicate with the people you are living with. Tell them when you will be working and when you will be available and if you need a quiet workspace for part of the day. Telling someone else your schedule will also help keep you accountable.

24. Get up and move around. When you are working from home it is easy to spend the entire day glued to your computer. Incorporating activity into your day could be as simple as walking around when you are on a phone call or remembering to stand up and stretch every hour. If you are using a system like the pomodoro technique or the 52:17 rule to help you focus, try to take active breaks.

25. Do something to "turn off" your work brain after you finish your workday. A commute is usually a great way to transition from work to home. Now that you do not have a commute, try taking a walk, journaling, exercising, or watching a show to make that transition. Whatever you decide to do, do it every day so that your brain associates that activity with leaving work.

Jarod – Web Developer

26. Drown out distractions.

27. Make a list of prioritizations (I use Google tasks to put what I need to get done first).

28. I split up my day to change up the scenery. For the first half of my day, I work in my room on my desktop, and for the second half, I move to the living room and work from my laptop on the couch. This helps me a ton!

29. Listen to music. It helps me focus.

30. The LED lights in my room help me focus. I work in the dark with green LED lights that are proven to help improve focus.

Ashley - Project Manager

31. Don’t procreate. Kids are great, but you can imagine how distracting they are.

32. Set up a designated, comfortable work area.

33. Start and finish at the same time that you normally would if you were in the office.

34. Make a plan for breaks (take a walk, eat, do a load of laundry etc.)

35. Remove distractions so that you can be as efficient as possible (tv, clutter, etc.)

Work from Home

The working-from-home lifestyle is more challenging for some people than it is for others. Luckily, our team at NB Media Solutions has found some unique ways that we stay on top of our Marketing game to ensure that our clients are getting the service that they deserve. Try a few of our helpful work from home tips yourself and let us know how you do!


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