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Brick Logo | Logo Design Case Study

Brick Logo - ATS Brick LLC

Client: Adam

Company: ATS Brick LLC

Location: Michigan, Clinton Township

Project Details: Custom Logo

Brand Story: Expert Brick Paving

NB Media Solutions received a new logo design inquiry from a client with a brick paving repair company, ATS Brick LLC. ATS Brick is a firefighter owned company who provides expert paving services in Michigan. They perform bricklayer work like repairs, new construction, walkways, patios, driveways, retaining walls, drains, and more.

Our lead graphic designer helped our client create his company's new brick paving logo design through extensive research, brainstorming, and visualizing. We took our client's suggestions in order to tweak his new brick logo into his exact preference and essentially create a firefighter styled, red brick paver logo.

Logo Design Research

Our designer wanted to know more about the client's business, so to get started, she asked for some background information on ATS Brick LLC.

Inquiring what fonts, texts, colors, taglines, and visual representations the client preferred to have in his new masonry logo design.

Our graphic designer also insisted on a logo example that our client had in mind as a visual outline for his new paver company logo.

The client explained that he is a full-time firefighter/paramedic who does professional bricklayer paving as his side-job. Adam and his firefighting buddies established a prestigious contracting company who specializes in brick paving services for new construction, walkways, patios, driveways, retaining walls, and drains.

As for the brick mason logo details, the client wanted "ATS Brick" to be included as the main text, and "We bring your pavers back to life", as the tagline. In regards to the font our client preferred something clean and professional with blue and red colors running through it.

As for the imagery, the client suggested including the Maltese Cross in the red brick logo design because it is a firefighter symbol that would represent his company very well. The client also insisted on fusing a brick wall pattern into the paver company logo because it only makes sense since his company's name is ATS Brick.

Logo Design Example from Client:

Brick Company Logo | Brick Logo Ideas


Brainstorming & Visualizing

She took all of the client's suggestions into consideration and additionally did some research on her own too. Researching similar companies inspires us to combine the client's suggestions with our own brick logo ideas.

The prominent imagery in the brick company logo would be a Maltese Cross design in the background. The company name could then stand out in the front of the brick logo vector.

Now, we just have to figure out how to creatively design and combine a Maltese Cross, a brick design, and the company name, ATS Brick, into a brick mason logo. Thankfully, our graphic designer has the proper vector graphics and vector illustrations to use at her convenience for the imagery design.

The client mentioned a "clean, professional font", so any fonts similar to Arial, Times, and Calibri would suffice.

Adam also mentioned blue and red colors, which is quite easy to incorporate since brick is typically red.

Our graphic designer, now a full on brick logo maker, went through the motions to bring these ideas to life:

Robot Logo Images | Robot Logo Design Ideas

Bricklayer Logo Variations & Logo Color

Logo variations are created for clients to physically see their preferences come to life with each of our great logo designs.

At NB Media, we do our best to make the initial logo design conversation with the client as informative as possible. When we have enough information about the client and their business, we can create an impressive logo in the end.

Our client preferred the first option with the text going through the logo's middle the most. The client was impressed by the font and the brick house pattern in the third red brick logo option. He insisted that we include those design elements in his brick logo going forward.

Our graphic designer created these bricklaying logo variations based on the feedback from our client:

Paver Company Logo | Brickwork Logo

NB Media Solutions was glad to hear that the second bricklayer logo variation impressed our client. Our graphic designer included every detail that our client preferred for the brickwork logo:

  • The text and tagline written through the middle of the red brick logo

  • Elements of a brick pattern in the background of the design

  • Red and blue colors used throughout the brickwork logo

  • Clean and professional text that is easy to read

Now, when people see our client's new bricklayer logo, they'll be impressed enough to give ATS Brick a call for their paving services with no hesitation. This brick masonry logo truly entails professionalism and dedication, just like a firefighter.

Final Brick Company Logo:

Brick Logo

Our client was so impressed by our branding that he engaged us to design new business cards for his company as well:


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