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Marketing Logo | Logo Design Case Study

Marketing Logo Design

Client: Terry & David

Company: Second Story Marketing Group

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Website: Visit Website

Project Details: Custom Logo

Marketing Logo Colors

Design Approach: Second Story Marketing Group is a Marketing Agency that services clients in construction and the skilled trades. They wanted an industrial look and feel to their logo, but they did not want to include manufacturing tools or equipment in the logo. Their brand colors played a big part in making the logo look both industrial and design focused. This look was reinforced by the simple geometric shapes in the logo and the shadows that seem to ground it in physical space.

The logo plays with the double meaning of the word 'story', which can mean both a floor or level of a building and also a narrative, in this case a brand story. The first meaning, a story as a level of a building, is also reflected in the text next to the icon in the orange line that separates the two lines or levels of text.

Brand Story: Marketing Agency - Building unified branding strategies for companies involved in the construction and manufacturing industries

Terry and David contacted NB Media Solutions for innovative ideas on a new logo for their marketing agency, Second Story Marketing Group. Second Story Marketing Group develops marketing strategies to successfully brand and promote companies involved in the construction and manufacturing industries. Our lead graphic designer, Twila, went ahead with various steps and processes to provide Terry and David with our inventive logo recommendations and ideas. Through extensive research, brainstorming and conceptualizing, our graphic designer was able to create logo variations for the clients, and transform them to their exact likings and preferences. After communicating our design concepts to the clients, the logo imagery that conquered the graphic design process was a creative marketing logo.

Take a look at the successful logo design process that we had with our clients:

Logo Design Research

Before the logo design process began, Twila needed to acquire some information from our clients in order to proceed with her brainstorming ideas for their business' new and improved marketing logo.

The initial conversation that our graphic designer has with our clients