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Wix IDX | Velo API Coded Wix Real Estate Solution

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

When designing a website for your realtor business, every decision you make should be focused on the needs of your clients. A Wix IDX real estate integration could be the perfect solution to promote your property listings.

When asking the question “is Wix good for real estate?” or “is Wix good for selling?”, there are several factors to consider. Wix is a website builder that is great for design, UX, SEO and a host of other features.

Wix real estate templates and custom design by digital marketing agencies like NB Media Solutions put realtors in an excellent position. Still, given that the main function of your site is to generate interest from prospective buyers and sellers. Your Wix real estate IDX search ends here with NB Media Solutiions.

What Is The Wix IDX Velo Solution?

Have you read Wix for real estate reviews online or in printed publications? If so, you may assume that a Wix real estate offering is somewhat limited. The main issue of using Wix for real estate revolves around property listings. The Wix IDX API integration puts an end to those problems.

If you are a real estate agent who is already familiar with IDX, you will be asking “does Wix support IDX?”. The answer is yes, IDX can be used on your Wix website to display real estate property listings in stunning fashion.

For those who are unfamiliar with IDX, it stands for Internet Data Exchange. IDX relates to the policies and software used to show real estate listings on a website.

Realtors who are multiple listing service (MLS) members can connect live information from their local listing databases. An API connection imports the data and presents it on their webpages.

The IDX on Wix real estate solution is custom coded through an API connection using Velo by Wix. The same design flexibility of any Wix website but also having access to the backend code. Bringing live real estate listings to a Wix design is a complex process that requires a Velo certified web developer.

Wix IDX MLS Listing Diagram

Once the IDX connection is successfully integrated, however, managing the live data feed is easy. Your Wix real estate agent website will become better than ever by displaying comprehensive and up-to-date property listing information.

How To Get IDX On My Website

Wix Real Estate Website Examples
Wix Real Estate Website Examples

The best Wix real estate websites should be using Wix IDX integration. After all, this is the key to showing Wix real estate listings on your domain.

Have you upgraded your website to a premium plan and cannot find a wix real estate plugin that works? Contact NB Media’s in-house Velo certified web developers Today. We know how to get IDX on Wix websites integrated properly and bug free.

Users will be able to perform property searches on your website easily. Additional features like filtering properties for sale by sq ft, bedrooms, bathrooms & acreage make websites even more robust.

Wix IDX Real Estate Listings

Connecting to an API is not as simple as installing a wix real estate app on your website. It is also much more complicated than simply embedding an iframe like IDX broker wix. There is no wix IDX plugin or IDX widget on the Wix app market available for download to plug and play.

NB Media has registered with several State MLS databases including Alaska, Florida, Michigan and New Jersey. We are happy to work with realtors anywhere in North America.

Once approved by States we then have access to MLS matrix data. Connect to that data via API allows us to display and configure listings, search types, mapping areas, and more.

Once this has been done, live listings of your real estate will show on Wix websites. The API connection with custom coding solution allows you to customize the design to your liking.

Using IDX displays real-time property listings, giving your Wix site a wow factor like never before. Being able to view properties for sale engages users and in turn brings in more leads for your realtors. If you want to use Wix to grow your real estate business online then an IDX integration is essential. NB Media Solutions can bring functionality and design together in style.

The Final Word On Wix Website IDX

When looking at the best real estate website examples, virtually all of them will display live information directly from an MLS.

Custom coded solutions using Velo by Wix are the best way to show data without compromising other elements of the design. We have implemented this feature on many wix real estate site projects and saw traffic and leads increase for brokerages.

To learn more about how to connect IDX listings on your Wix website contact us. Your Wix real estate page will look and perform better than ever in no time.


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