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Robot Logo | Logo Design Case Study

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Robot Logo Design | Bone Robot

Client: Alex F.

Company: Bone Robot Games

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Website: Visit Website

Project Details: Custom Logo

Lead Graphic Designer Approach: This logo creates a character that is made of both bone-like shapes and geometric robot-like shapes. The design was made for a gamer, and because of this, the body of the robot is made to look like a video game controller.

The bright, neon green, techno font and pixelated look of the robot skull also reinforce the gaming aspect of the logo. The somewhat quirky, whimsical illustration style is a reflection of the nostalgia the client felt about this logo.

The name 'bone robot' has a personal meaning for the client, and it reminds him of a close friend. I tried to make this nostalgia a part of the logo.

Brand Story: Video Game Review Blog Site

Alex contacted NB Media Solutions for ideas on a new logo design for his video game review blogging website, Bone Robot Games. The site shares his expert opinions as a lifelong gamer to other gamers.

The initial conversation we have with clients asks simple questions such as what texts, fonts, colors and images should be included in the logo. As a marketing company, we highly encourage our clients to give us as much information as possible so that we have enough to work and build from.

Bone Robot Logo Inspiration Examples

Logo examples are always encouraged for inspirational purposes. Supplying examples of logos sometimes explain a client's vision better than text.

Alex requested that the logo include the text, “Bone Robot” and insisted on using a font similar to “Futura” while incorporating colors of purple, maroon, and seafoam green.

The client was very open to our creative ideas for the imagery to accompany the Bone Robot logo name. The name “Bone Robot Games”, related to his Xbox username over the years, “TreeBone”.

When he established his company, he wanted to incorporate an element of his gamer username in it, so Bone Robot ended up being the winning name for his video game review company.

He shared a few logo examples that we could work off of and that were created during his gaming experience over the years.

Logo Design Research

After sorting through each design requirement from our client, we did some research into robot logo design ideas to further gain inspiration. Researching similar companies and industries like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and science technology whose logos included similar fonts, colors and images that our client preferred.

We didn’t find too many companies with robot logos, the most famous being Google’s android logo and their green android robot.

Android Robot Smoking GIF

Robot Walking GIF

There are thousands of robot logo images across the internet available for viewing inspiration. For this project, incorporating an industrial robot logo and video gaming into the design was the ultimate goal.

There is not a robot logo template on a logo maker out there so it was time for NB Media to get creative.


How do we design the robot in an appealing way?

Do we want the robot to be a whole person or simply a body part?

Do we want the robot to be smaller or larger than the logo’s font?

When approaching a logo design project, it’s easy for graphic designers to be too concerned with the style and imagery of a final product. Instead, we like to think of a deeper meaning behind the logo that explains who the company is, what they do and what they stand for.

This is what we developed for our first mock-ups:

Robot Logo Images | Robot Logo Design Ideas

Logo Variations & Logo Color

When designing a logo, let alone one for a robot logo company, there are various experimentations that happen behind the scenes.

Logo design is never a one-and-done kind of deal. The graphic designer is constantly going back to the drawing board to tweak the logo and make it better until the client is fully satisfied with the final design.

The client was impressed by each design concept and insisted that the font from the third robot logo design was what he preferred.

He really enjoyed the first bone robot logo png, and how we incorporated the game controller into the hand. However, he was unsure of how much he wanted a hand as his logo.

His love for the second robot mascot logo design was also apparent. Ultimately, he wanted our graphic designer to combine the first robot logo vector and second robot logo green, with the font of the third robot head logo.

This feedback helped us design the robot logo brand with the addition of the game controller and font designs that we previously used. Twila played around with the green color and game controls to create a couple of variations to choose from. We also provided options with a green robot logo name.

Robot Logo Design

Final Logo Design

Robot Logo Color Palette | Green, Blue & White
Robot Logo Color Palette

Client Testimonial


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