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Running Man Logo | Logo Design Case Study

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Running Man Logo | The Runners Workshop

Client: Brett L.

Company: The Runner’s Workshop

Location: Australia, NSW, Sydney

Project Details: Custom Logo

Design Approach - From Our Lead Graphic Designer: "The client was looking for a logo that was high contrast and high energy. The yellow circle contrasts with the dark text, making the logo bright and eye-catching, while the sharp, defined shadows in the illustration of the running man emphasize the contrast in the rest of the logo. The staggered text creates a sense of motion and the running man illustration continues the line created by the text. This further highlights the sense of motion and energy in the logo. By combining illustration and bold sans serif text, we created a logo that feels corporate but also has a modern flair."

Brand Story: Online Start-Up Company - selling running and triathlon endurance products and coaching/training plans.

Brett contacted NB Media Solutions for some fresh ideas and insight on a new logo for his online start-up company, The Runner’s Workshop. Our lead graphic designer went through the various steps and processes to provide Brett with our innovative logo recommendations and ideas. Through extensive research, brainstorming and conceptualizing, our graphic designer was able to create a few logo variations for the client, each with its own unique imagery that relates to the company name. After communicating our design concepts to the client, the one logo image that stuck until the end of the process was, you guessed it, the running man.

Take a look at the successful logo design process that we had with our client:

Logo Design Research

Before we get started, we needed to acquire some additional information from our client in order to proceed with the brainstorming ideas for his new logo.

The questions we asked:

1. What text needs to be included in the logo? (This is usually the official company name and sometimes a short tagline).
2. Are there any specific fonts that need to be included in the logo?
3. Are there any specific colors that need to be included in the logo?
4. Is there any specific imagery that needs to be included? For example, do you need a visual representation of a leaf, a tree, a drop of water etc. somewhere in your logo?
5. What are 2-3 examples of logos that you like? This will help me understand the style you are looking for.

Brett’s responses included the logo examples below. He also mentioned that he preferred a darker font, but a yellow or orange background color to make the company name stand out more. Our lead graphic designer took everything that was communicated from the client into consideration to move forward with the next step of the logo design process.