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The Power of Color: Black and White Logos

In order to stay stylish, trendy and in-the-now, we often hear people say, “______ is the new black.”

While different shades may match certain seasons and moods better than others, no color could ever replace the color black.

The color black is timeless, versatile, chic and elegant, all at the same time.

You can pair black with just about any other color to make a stunning combination, although, no two colors pair better together than black and white.

There’s a certain, old-fashioned admiration we have to black and white combinations.

In fashion, interior design, cars, furnishings, even foods, black & white were just meant to be.

Whether it’s the clean lines, contrast, minimalist vibe or contemporary feel, people tend to respect and appreciate black and white designs.

Businesses love to make consumers feel emotion in order to evoke us to buy, read, browse, and so on.

When companies realized that single color black logos made society feel a certain way, they decided to utilize the impact in their logos.

Using a black & white design in your logo gives your brand a powerful simplicity that you never could have imagined.

Black and White Graphic Designs vs. Color

Breaking Ground Fitness

Black and White Logos | Black and White Graphic Designs vs. Color

We enjoyed designing an awesome black & white logo for Breaking Ground Fitness. As you can see, the logo started off in color, and the golden color yellow hues worked well with the logo font and overall layout.

The client liked the distressed, grungy feel of the black and white logo design because it matched the style better for his company, and we have to agree.

Linked Partners

Black and White Logos | Black and White Graphic Designs vs. Color

Linked Partners' logo was completely transformed by us when we updated it to the B&W logo design and got away from the color red & blue.

The first logo variation is appealing and modern, but the second is sophisticated, creative and professional, just how we initially wanted it to be.

JR Construction

Black and White Logos | Black and White Graphic Designs vs. Color

JR’s Construction company had to show their clientele how serious and professional they truly were. NB Media transitioned their royal blue design to the black and white logo, and it entirely transformed their brand image.

Ash Bunny Co.

Black and White Logos | Black and White Graphic Designs vs. Color

Clothing brand, Ash Bunny Co., wanted a chic logo design that they could throw on their merchandise for their business.

Our graphic designer added a lot of great detail in the golden logo. If we were to put the first logo on their products, the hand may have been tough to see in some of their merchandise, and we could only salvage the square portion on the right side. The overall design of the B&W logo variation was impressive because we could stick the entire background on any of their offerings. The entire design is sleek, smooth and very "Audrey Hepburn."

Other Black and White Logo Brands by NB Media Solutions:

Black and White Logos

These four black and white logo images we created exhibit class, elegance and integrity, something everyone wants to notice in a brand's representation.

How a Black and White Background Design Transforms Your Logo

There is a sense of authority, simplicity, luxury and modernism that a black and white logo can embrace in your brand.

Take a look at some famous black and white logos, along with a few of our very own that we splashed into the mix:


Famous Logos Brands | Black and White Logos | Black and White Logo Design | Monochrome Logo

There is a reason why people in power wear black suits in their professions.

Think about it; lawyers, judges, police officers, and many other professionals choose to wear a simple, black suit or black dress because it shows their seriousness and influence.

The black and white logos above exhibit reliability and power, without saying too much. We also added our own logo design in this category because it instantly speaks: talent, force, skill and influence.


Famous Logos Brands | Black and White Logos | Black and White Logo Design | Monochrome Logo

The companies with black and white logos above are recognized all around the world.

We even added our own, Posh Pies, because the design gets its message across, without trying too hard.

If you're looking for a sleek logo design, taking a cue from one of these examples is a great idea.

If you need assistance developing your custom logo design, contact the design experts at NB Media Solutions! We wear many hats at our internet marketing agency but the logo maker is our favorite hat to put on.


Famous Logos Brands | Black and White Logos | Black and White Logo Design | Monochrome Logo

It's no secret that some of the world's most sophisticated, luxe brands chose black and white logos as their favorite color for branding.

While some of the logo images themselves are intricate (like Versace's), the monochrome tones dim it down just enough to look appealing.

Bronco Born Wild is a logo design of ours that entails a sense of identity and community in itself, just like the other luxurious brand examples.

Innovation & Modernity

Famous Logos Brands | Black and White Logos | Black and White Logo Design | Monochrome Logo

Black and white company logos are all truly modern to begin with.

Tesla and Apple do impressive things when it comes to being innovative, and their black and white logo brand logos are just another example.

We added a monochrome logo of NB Media's in this mix as well, because it is anything but a traditional logo design. Its edges are clean-cut, the straight lines are appealing to the eye and the overall design is contemporary, yet original.

Black and White App Logos

While we're on the topic, let's cover the tech-savvy portion of the logo design process.

Not all businesses have smartphone apps, but there are various popular ones that do.

Not only does it enhance brand awareness, but an app also allows consumers to get better service because they feel more connected to the brand.

When a business offers their audience an app, 9 out of 10 times, people will download it for faster, better, heightened service.

Chances are that you have some of these black and white app logos downloaded on your phone as we speak:

Black and White App Logos

Uber Pretty Little Thing Zaful

Black and White App Logos

Zara Casetify Revolve

Black and White Social Media Logos

You can’t go too far online without seeing social media icons.

These social network logos also transform when the app icons stray from the color wheel to move to a black and white pattern.

See below the options available in the Wix Editor:

Black and White Social Media Logos

Transform Your Brand with a Powerful Monochrome Logo

Black and White Logos | Black and White Logo Design | Monochrome Logo

An impressive logo design can make or break your business image.

When you trust NB Media to bring your logo vision to life, we do whatever it takes to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.

A monochrome logo designed by us may be exactly what your business image needs to prosper.

Contact us to see what we can do for you today and let us know what you think!


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