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The Power of Color: Black and White Logos

In order to stay stylish, trendy and in-the-now, we often hear people say, “______ is the new black.”

While different shades may match certain seasons and moods better than others, no color could ever replace the color black.

The color black is timeless, versatile, chic and elegant, all at the same time.

You can pair black with just about any other color to make a stunning combination, although, no two colors pair better together than black and white.

There’s a certain, old-fashioned admiration we have to black and white combinations.

In fashion, interior design, cars, furnishings, even foods, black & white were just meant to be.

Whether it’s the clean lines, contrast, minimalist vibe or contemporary feel, people tend to respect and appreciate black and white designs.

Businesses love to make consumers feel emotion in order to evoke us to buy, read, browse, and so on.

When companies realized that single color black logos made society feel a certain way, they decided to utilize the impact in their logos.

Using a black & white design in your logo gives your brand a powerful simplicity that you never could have imagined.

Black and White Graphic Designs vs. Color

Breaking Ground Fitness

Black and White Logos | Black and White Graphic Designs vs. Color

We enjoyed designing an awesome black & white logo for Breaking Ground Fitness. As you can see, the logo started off in color, and the golden color yellow hues worked well with the logo font and overall layout.

The client liked the distressed, grungy feel of the black and white logo design because it matched the style better for his company, and we have to agree.

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Black and White Logos | Black and White Graphic Designs vs. Color